Elevate specialises in a range of areas including:

Culture Consulting

We provide workshops and support to businesses that want to improve their workplace culture.

Team Bonding

The team at Elevate are a creative group that bring unique team bonding experiences to you and your team.

Corporate Event Planning

Take the stress out of your event by having Elevate organise your next function or social event.

As a business we have always been told and felt that we have a very good culture. It’s something we were all very proud of, however, that being said, there were some indicators in our business that the culture wasn’t quite at the level we thought or wanted it to be.

We reached out to Kateesha to come in and discuss if she felt she could assist our business. As I’ve now come to expect with Kateesha, there is no challenge to great for her.

Kateesha explained how and when she would be able to assist with our goal. The business agreed, and Kateesha quickly started working within our business. 

In ten weeks those indicators were completely turned around, but not only were those indicators, more indicators also showing that we were back on track with new ideas and strategies that Kateesha implemented whilst working closely with our management team. I can easily say our business is in a much better position and ready for continual further growth because of Kateesha’s involvement in our business.

Our management team also enjoyed working closely with Kateesha, as she became a new level of motivation and also assisted in creating clarity in areas that were identified as needing assistance.

The whole experience has been a very positive experience for myself, the management team and most importantly the business. Kateesha will always be a part of the Big Dog family.

Chris Essex

MD Big Dog Australia Pty Ltd

There is nothing more powerful than a passionate mentor, somebody who is dedicated to improving your company culture and team relationships. Kateesha is just that person. She has made a lifelong commitment to developing your leader’s skills, building high performance teams and unifying everybody in an organisation from top to bottom. 

Not only does Kateesha give you clarity and the pathway to success, she delivers her training with a simple approach so you can stay on track. She is reliable, professional, easy to work with and provides a high quality, results driven service.

Kateesha is genuinely invested in the success of her clients, so if you want to improve your company’s corporate culture, I highly recommend that you get in touch with her now.

Founder, Tick Tock Sales


Step 1

We help our clients firstly by getting an understanding of the current culture state and its strengths and weaknesses. 

Step 2

After this we will work with you to understand exactly where you would like the business to be in the future and your goals.

Step 3

Once we have this information, we will create a tailored plan for you to elevate not only your culture but your productivity and profits.


We provide an in-depth service and really take the time to understand our clients, their needs and where they want to take the business in the future. Your culture is an investment, and we treat it that way. Once our team works through the culture pain points, we then have the opportunity to reward your employees with team bonding activities or events; because we believe that your wins are our wins and that should be celebrated.


I am ready for a consultation

I want to invest in my team and the work environment.      

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I would like to find out more about culture and how Elevate can help improve our work environment.